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MP Mfg Ltd.

[China] Plastic Injection Molding Parts

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MP-Mfg is a projectional contract molder with injection press ranging from 50T to 800T, serving customer of different needs.

Processing a wide range of materials(including filled and blended matrial to obtain the specified density, color, UV stability, chemical resistance, impact strength, flexural strength, and wear ability. Some of the those mateirals are Acrylic, ABS, PS, PVC, PC, Nylon, PP, PPO etc.

MP-Mfg is also well experienced in gas assisted injection molding, over-molding,insert molding process.
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MP Mfg Ltd.

Street:E601, Henghe, Sanhe Development Zone
Postal code:516213
Phone: +86 752 3539819
Fax: +86 752 3539819

Contact person

Name and Surname: Ken Mao
Phone: +86 752 3539819
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